All of your applications and data, in one place.

Aptitive can help you navigate through the numerous service offerings across Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS. In the ever-changing landscape of cloud services and products, Aptitive can help clarify the reality behind the terms SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. We can execute your vision from planning through development and deployment.

Cloud Service Advisory - Taking advantage of cloud platforms can transform your business in a way that is not feasible in traditional on-premise systems. Navigating the landscape, however, is often confusing, difficult, and frustrating. We will guide you through the possibilities of each platform, and help you leverage the right services for your IT initiatives.

Advanced Analytics - Analyze large amounts of data to get the insight you need to deliver intelligent actions that improve customer engagement, increase revenue, and lower costs. 

Real-time Streaming Analytics - Real-time streaming analytics services will give you insight into what’s happening in your organization right now, allowing you to take action and drive revenue before the opportunity is gone.

IoT Event Hubs - Ingest millions of events per second and stream them to multiple applications to Increase responsiveness, get answers, and automate workflows from all your mobile and IoT device.

Cloud and Hybrid Enterprise Integration

Self-Service Logic Workflows - You can connect apps, data, and devices anywhere—on-premises or in the cloud—to quickly build powerful integration solutions and automate tasks across multiple applications

Cloud and On-Premise Application Integration - Connect your on-premise applications and cloud applications to unlock the potential of your data services in a safe, secure and scalable manner. 

Machine Learning - Empower business users to easily build, deploy and share predictive analytics output without modifying the existing code base.

Partnerships - Aptitive is a Microsoft silver data analytics partner, as well as a Google Cloud service partner.