Build the foundation for actionable insights.

Aptitive combines technical expertise with business acumen to consolidate trusted data from a variety of sources into an insightful data warehouse. Whether your data is stored in legacy systems or spread across cloud-based applications, the Aptitive team helps identify, capture, and integrate it across your enterprise.

Using a build-once philosophy, we provide templates and automated processes that significantly reduce the timeline and overall costs typically associated with integration projects. Whether it’s a single project or an ongoing partnership, we train your teams to use and extend the frameworks we develop. 

ETL Toolkit - Our unique developer tools enable our teams to start coding on Day 1, reducing project time by 6 - 8 weeks. With native change data capture, error handling, and performance tuning, you can focus 100% on defining business logic and leave the data processing to us. 

Cloud Application Integration - We harness the power of the cloud’s fast, secure data access, providing a reliable framework to integrate your systems and implement tools to future proof your business. 

Data Architecture - Our team of experts will develop an architecture that is tailored to your unique data offerings and most efficiently integrates and manages your systems.

• Data Integration Strategy
• Data Governance and Quality
• Assessments and Roadmaps

• ETL and Systems Integration
• Big Data Solutions
• Cloud and Hybrid Platforms
• Analytical and Predictive Modeling

• ETL/Data Integration
• Data Warehouse Development
• Web Services Integration
• Application Performance Tuning