Make your data work for you.


Whether your organization needs to analyze historical trends, visualize real-time data streams, or automate time-consuming report creation, we will help you build solutions that transform data into actionable, valuable intelligence.


Aptitive combines technical expertise with business acumen to consolidate trusted data from a variety of sources into an insightful data warehouse. Whether your data is stored in legacy systems or spread across cloud-based applications, we help identify, capture, and integrate it across your enterprise.


Before you invest the bulk of your project dollars, we often recommend a short, intensive assessment and discovery project to quickly evaluate the key risks and develop the project approach that is most likely to lead to your desired business results.


Whether providing a service gateway to legacy data, migrating an on-premises application to the cloud, or providing a customized solution to your internal and external customers, Aptitive can help.


Aptitive can help you navigate through the numerous service offerings across Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS. In the ever-changing landscape of cloud services and products, Aptitive can help clarify the reality behind the terms SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. We can execute your vision from planning through development and deployment.