We Do It Right.

At Aptitive, we pride ourselves both on our breadth of capabilities and our flexibility to deliver. We work closely with our partners to appropriately plan and execute our services. Whether you need to leverage our expertise in IT strategy or need to implement an entire solution, we want to work together to achieve your goals. From data integration to full custom development, Aptitive can advise and deliver on innovative technology solutions that are both forward thinking and rooted in experience.

Aptitive is the kind of team that takes your business needs to heart and delivers a result that works long-term.
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Build the foundation for actionable insights.

Aptitive combines technical expertise with business acumen to consolidate trusted data from a variety of sources into an insightful data warehouse. Whether your data is stored in legacy systems or spread across cloud-based applications, the Aptitive team helps identify, capture, and integrate it across your enterprise.

Using a build-once philosophy, we provide templates and automated processes that significantly reduce the timeline and overall costs typically associated with integration projects. Whether it’s a single project or an ongoing partnership, we train your teams to use and extend the frameworks we develop. 

ETL Toolkit - Our unique developer tools enable our teams to start coding on Day 1, reducing project time by 6 - 8 weeks. With native change data capture, error handling, and performance tuning, you can focus 100% on defining business logic and leave the data processing to us. 

Cloud Application Integration - We harness the power of the cloud’s fast, secure data access, providing a reliable framework to integrate your systems and implement tools to future proof your business. 

Data Architecture - Our team of experts will develop an architecture that is tailored to your unique data offerings and most efficiently integrates and manages your systems.

• Data Integration Strategy
• Data Governance and Quality
• Assessments and Roadmaps

• ETL and Systems Integration
• Big Data Solutions
• Cloud and Hybrid Platforms
• Analytical and Predictive Modeling

• ETL/Data Integration
• Data Warehouse Development
• Web Services Integration
• Application Performance Tuning

See your data come to life.

• Business Intelligence Roadmaps
• Front-End Tool Selection

• Data Modeling
• Cloud-based Reporting Solutions

 Mobile Business Intelligence

• Data Warehousing
• Executive Dashboards

 Business Intelligence Reporting
 Predictive Analytics

We optimize data delivery and processing to providing the foundation for an agile enterprise. 

Whether your organization needs to analyze historical trends, visualize real-time data streams, or automate time-consuming report creation, we will help you build solutions that transform data into actionable, valuable intelligence. 

Analytics and Visualizations - By leveraging the latest platforms and capabilities, we will produce the visualizations and analytical details that allow you to quickly find your answer and make decisions.

Data Warehousing - Data warehouses are the core foundation to BI, providing "one source of truth" into reporting, analytics, executive dashboards and insightful visualizations. Your business will gain fast, reliable access to the right information when and where you need it. 

Executive Dashboards -  No matter where your data resides - Aptitive can help connect and visualize your organization's complex information by integrating your applications into powerful, user-friendly dashboards that allow you to make quicker, better business decisions.

All of your applications and data, in one place.

Aptitive can help you navigate through the numerous service offerings across Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS. In the ever-changing landscape of cloud services and products, Aptitive can help clarify the reality behind the terms SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. We can execute your vision from planning through development and deployment.

Cloud Service Advisory - Taking advantage of cloud platforms can transform your business in a way that is not feasible in traditional on-premise systems. Navigating the landscape, however, is often confusing, difficult, and frustrating. We will guide you through the possibilities of each platform, and help you leverage the right services for your IT initiatives.

Advanced Analytics - Analyze large amounts of data to get the insight you need to deliver intelligent actions that improve customer engagement, increase revenue, and lower costs. 

Real-time Streaming Analytics - Real-time streaming analytics services will give you insight into what’s happening in your organization right now, allowing you to take action and drive revenue before the opportunity is gone.

IoT Event Hubs - Ingest millions of events per second and stream them to multiple applications to Increase responsiveness, get answers, and automate workflows from all your mobile and IoT device.

Cloud and Hybrid Enterprise Integration

Self-Service Logic Workflows - You can connect apps, data, and devices anywhere—on-premises or in the cloud—to quickly build powerful integration solutions and automate tasks across multiple applications

Cloud and On-Premise Application Integration - Connect your on-premise applications and cloud applications to unlock the potential of your data services in a safe, secure and scalable manner. 

Machine Learning - Empower business users to easily build, deploy and share predictive analytics output without modifying the existing code base.

Partnerships - Aptitive is a Microsoft silver data analytics partner, as well as a Google Cloud service partner.

Don't have it? We can build it.

• Assessments and Roadmaps
Technology Selection

• Enterprise Architecture
• Cloud-based Solutions
• Mobile/Responsive Design

• UI/UX Design
• Web Services and REST APIs
• Application Frameworks
• Open Source Platforms

• Web and Portal Development

With a technology-agnostic approach, Aptitive builds custom solutions that will streamline business processes and integrate critical applications for your organization.

Our team has experience and knowledge across a broad array of programming languages and platforms with the expertise to architect and build your application solutions.

Connecting Enterprise Applications - Developing Web Services and Rest APIs, Aptitive can help you provide services exposing enterprise-wide data with robust data permissions for your vendors, customers, and internal users.

Custom Applications - Aptitive will work with you to select the right framework and platform to build your application or modernize your existing ones. Building robust integration points and a highly scalable and secure application framework will help you get the value you need and avoid costly maintenance and rework in the future. 

Cloud and Hybrid Applications - While the benefits of scaling and management of cloud applications is now well known, the disruption of making an all-or-nothing move often puts hesitation on taking action. We ensure your enterprise architecture takes advantage of the benefits of the cloud, while also ensuring your existing on-premise applications tightly integrate into a single enterprise platform. 

We make sure it works, long-term.

• Visioning
• Strategic Assessments
• IT Solution Selection

• Program Management
• Transformation Roadmaps
• Business Intelligence Roadmaps

• Process Improvement
• Operational Effectiveness

• Change Management

Dream big. We do. Be audacious, change the trajectory of your business, start fresh. We share your passion for your vision, and will help you shape, then share it.

Chart your course. Map out your adventure.  Our road maps will achieve your vision in the shortest route, addressing your risks and challenges along the way. 

Buy smart. Let us help you pick your technologies wisely.  Find the best of the new, with the wisdom of the experienced.  

Encourage change. Paint the picture, and help them get where you want to be. Give them a reason and praise the outcomes, or throw them a rope and pull them along.

Drive adoption. Make change stick.  Get the value that you counted on. Make habit a practice.      

Measure and monitor. Give them a dashboard and keep all eyes on the needle.