Private Equity Data, Analytics, and Data Science Service

Private Equity Data and Analytics Solutions

Accelerate Value Creation Throughout Your Portfolio

Managing investments within a private equity firm’s portfolio requires timely and accurate financial and operating information available on demand. Armed with this insight and information, PE firms will be able to drive and even accelerate operating and financial transformation creating large-scale incremental value for their investors.

Aptitive partners with private equity firms to develop and execute the data, analytics, and data science solutions PE firms need to drive these results in their portfolio companies.

Our Solutions

Private Equity Analytics Solutions

Advanced Analytics and Dashboards

Advanced analytics and dashboards help you to visualize financial and operating data throughout your portfolio companies. Enhanced reporting features enable you to uncover, highlight, and scorecard cost saving opportunities, cash flow enhancements, and new revenue growth opportunities.

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Advanced Analytics and Reporting for Private Equity
Financial Reporting and Forecasting for Private Equity

Private Equity Financial Reporting Solutions

Financial Reporting and Forecasting

Self-service drill-down reports to measure the financial performance of your portfolio companies with the metrics and KPIs that matter most to you.

Real-time insights to manage and increase cash flow, increase profitability, and decrease costs from day one post-close. Aptitive builds data science solutions to forecast and predict cash flows, calculate cost savings, and drive operational transformation.

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Private Equity Data Services

Data Management Solutions

Access the data you need from your portfolio companies, when you need it— without putting excess demands upon your IT team. Avoid painful, disruptive, and expensive management systems migrations and manage the company on a data and information basis. Our team removes data silos by centralizing and standardizing your financial and operating data onto dashboards for every function and required viewpoint for your portfolio companies.

Our solutions are easily replicable across your portfolio to give you a holistic and easy to compare view.

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Data Management Solutions for Private Equity

Private Equity Data and Analytics Solutions


Leverage the data you already have to accelerate the improvement of operations, increase profitability, and increase cash flow.


Accurately measure the financial performance of portfolio companies with the metrics and KPIs that matter most in user friendly dashboards with self-service drill-down capability.


Benchmark your companies and best industry practice to improve efficiencies, and find EBITDA improvements in your portfolio companies’ data.


Private equity owner, investor, and operating executive team dashboards create a single source of truth for each of your portfolio companies.


Data Management and integration solutions to centralize and improve access, reliability, and speed to insights within your portfolio companies.


Data Science, advanced analytics, and predictive analytics solutions to find hidden ROI opportunities within the data.

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