The Aptitive (data) Science Fair brings together Chicago’s brightest data professionals, leading companies, and innovative technology partners to showcase the power of data solutions for a modern twist on the classic science fair.

As attendees browse the projects, they will see how technologies like Snowflake, Microsoft, and others fit together to solve business challenges and boost performance. The aptitive team and our partners will be on hand to guide you through the projects and answer any questions.

In the spirit of Aptitive’s own approach, this event showcases these projects from both the technical and business point of view making it relevant to everyone from highly technical developers to CEOs.


2019 (data) Science Fair Projects

Data Science Demystified
The Journey to Customer Conversion[Website]
Talk Data to Me [Website]
If Name Tags Could Talk
Microsoft AI Business School
Qlik (data) Science Fair Project
Look[er] ‘n Predict
Tableau Project [Website]
Fivetran (d)SF Project
Snowflake (d)SF Project
Alooma [Website]
Talend [Website]