Abraca-data (data) Science Fair Project

About the Project

What better way to know what’s going on around you than to have key information magically presented to in real-time?

By leveraging Tableau and Snowflake, the Abraca-data project makes this dream a reality.

As attendees engage with booths around the (data) Science Fair, this information will be collected and displayed visually as it happens. Even better, the Abraca-data project will use registration data to display non-identifiable statistics about the attendee population as people arrive. Allowing you to use this information to spark conversation and make the (data) Science Fair an enchanting networking experience.

To make the magic happen, the Abraca-data team will use Tableau to ingest and model real-time data collected in Snowflake. This data is translated into easily-understandable visualizations in Tableau that power the scoreboard to showcase event updates in real time.

Technologies and Tools

Tableau, Snowflake


Trever Alexander, Sarah Shea, Chuck Diewald

Our Booths

Data Science Demystified
The Journey to Customer Conversion[Website]
Talk Data to Me [Website]
If Name Tags Could Talk