Data Science Demystified (data) Science Fair project

About the Project

Is your organization ready to implement a Machine Learning Solution? You may be closer than you think.

The “Data Science Demystified” project showcases a framework that identifies components behind a modern and scalable data science solution for the cloud that works for any company.

The core components of this frameworks are a cloud based data warehouse-Snowflake, a robust data migration tool-Talend, and an automated machine learning platform-DataRobot. We’ll show you how these components can be used together to make machine learning adoption a possibility at your enterprise.

Stop by the “Data Science Demystified” booth at the 2019 (data) Science Fair to see how this framework can work for your organization. We’ll also show you a real solution in action at our sister booth “The Journey to Customer Conversion”.

Technologies and Tools

Snowflake, DataRobot, Talend


Orest, Fred

Our Booths

Data Science Demystified
The Journey to Customer Conversion[Website]
Talk Data to Me [Website]
If Name Tags Could Talk