If Name Tags Could Talk (data) Science Fair project

About the Project

Name tags are a great way to identify basic information about event attendees including name, title, and company but what if that name tag could be used to learn more about that attendee while at the event?

In “If Name Tags Could Talk” we aim to achieve just that by collecting information about attendees, their behavior, and what they’re interested in as they browse through the event.

Robust information about attendee interests and behavior can help you get the right message in front of them at the right time. This information can be used to send tailored messages during and after the event.

To demonstrate this solution we’ve created name tags for each (data) science fair guest with a unique QR code. As attendees interact with the booths, their name tags will be scanned and fed into a system that can be accessed in real time by (data) Science Fair sponsor and project booths.

Technologies and Tools

QR Codes, Python, Twitter


Ashley, Erin, Jake

Our Booths

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If Name Tags Could Talk