Ludwig Von Apt-Hoven (data) Science Fair project

About the Project

Machine learning and neural networks are becoming a mainstay for advanced business analytics. See how we implement these tools in a musical twist that has you playing a duet with a piano that composes music based on your playing style.

While the application seems pretty specific, this project is more than just making music. It demonstrates the power of real-time machine learning on live data. With the rise of IoT, streaming data, and streaming analytics, we show how you can take the next step by utilizing deep learning algorithms on the abundance of data to solve complex problems within your institution.

In this project, an application acts as the composer. An attendee will play a short piece on a piano that will be streamed into an application in Azure App Service that creates a dataset from the music. A series of algorithms then analyze the dataset and compose new music that will be played back to the attendee on the piano.

Technologies and Tools

Google TensorFlow, Azure App Service


Philip, Orest, Schafer, Jake

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