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About the Project

The latest research indicates that business leaders are interested in AI and expect to invest in AI capabilities in their organizations, but they have concerns around identifying the right strategy and how to prepare for changes that AI might bring. AI Business School was created as a free, easily accessible resource for business leaders to help address these issues. AI Business School is an engaging master class series focused on leadership in the age of artificial intelligence. It is the first of its kind to come from a leading cloud technology provider and designed in partnership with INSEAD (a top global business school).

AI Business School will empower business leaders to be successful and get results from AI:

  • Gain specific, practical knowledge to define and implement an AI strategy
  • Insights directly from industry experts on how to foster an “AI Ready” culture
  • How to use AI responsibly and with confidence

Additionally, AI Business School is an opportunity for Microsoft to influence and engage business decision makers at leading enterprise customers with relevant and useful information specifically for them as they approach a pivotal point in their digital transformation. We aim to earn the perception that Microsoft is an innovative leader in AI and the right strategic partner for their business.

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