Talk Data to Me (data) Science Fair project

About the Project

Within an enterprise, individual lines of business often work in isolation and therefore calculate key performance indicators inconsistently, creating an inaccurate view of your company. By bringing all of your data together into a centralized data warehouse, you create a single source of truth, enabling faster, smarter, and more informed decision making.

“Talk Data to Me” ensures that everything at the (data) Science Fair, from registration to the prize table, works together. By streaming real-time data from Twitter and Azure Blob Storage into a modeled data warehouse in Snowflake, this project ensures that everything can be cohesively communicated.

As new json files from the “Ludwig Van Apt-hoven” project land in Azure Blob Storage, they’ll be ingested into a raw layer in Snowflake using Fivetran. Tweets from each booth check-in will be streamed into Snowflake using Azure Logic Apps and Functions. From there, Talend Cloud will transform the data from the raw layer into a fully modeled data warehouse that enables the “Abraca-Data” project to do their magic.

Technologies and Tools

Azure Blob Storage, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Functions, Twitter API application, Snowflake, Talend


Melanie, Evi, Jason, Greg

Our Booths

Data Science Demystified
The Journey to Customer Conversion[Website]
Talk Data to Me [Website]
If Name Tags Could Talk