The Journey to Customer Conversion (data) Science Fair project

About the Project

With personalized customer interactions becoming more and more important to modern marketing teams, the Aptitive Retail and Marketing Analytics Practice presents “The Journey to Customer Conversion”. This project uses real data from Chicago retailer Monica + Andy to demonstrate how to remove the guesswork involved in making marketing decisions and allocating marketing spend. In this project you will see:

  • A consolidated data platform for improved data visibility from multiple sources.
  • An optimized attribution model for conversion and goal tracking.
  • A robust analytics dashboard for making data-driven marketing decisions.

Additionally, this project demonstrates how touchpoints along the customer journey lead to conversion and impact marketing decisions. Using the retail example of Monica and Andy, we analyze how customer touchpoints have historically affected conversion, the customers lifetime value, and their acquisition cost. We then take it a step further by presenting the future impact this information can have. With an interactive platform, you are able to simulate touchpoints that a future customer may have. From there, we use a predictive model to determine if the customer converts and what their estimated lifetime value may be.

Our team consolidated customer data from sources such as Brightpearl, Google Analytics, and Facebook in Snowflake. We then used both Data Robot and SnowSQL to determine metrics and to build a model that predicts how previous customer interactions inform future touch points and affect those metrics. Tableau enables us to display our results in an accessible manner to enhance interactivity and reliably communicate the outcomes.

Tools & Technologies

Snowflake, Tableau, DataRobot


Erin Cullen, Faith Hemingway, Cierra Valor

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