DataRobot (data) Science Fair

About the Project

Have you ever wondered if you would survive Game of Thrones? Taylor Larkin, Data Science Evangelist at DataRobot and avid Game of Thrones fan, has. So much so that he actually built a tool using DataRobot to help predict your chances of survival based on Game of Thrones character data and factors such as:

  • Title
  • Age
  • Culture
  • Nobility
  • Gender
  • House

For example, a male non noble Dornish Maester from House Martell age 46 would have a 60.5% chance of survival. Compare this to popular characters, and you have a great chance of surviving!

How Does this Compare to Other Key Characters? 

Name Chance of  Survival
Daenerys Targaryen 16.23%
Jaime Lannister 27.09%
Tyrion Lannister 29.24%
Bran Stark 33.98%
Cersei Lannister 39.61%
Jon Snow 41.01%
Sansa Stark 49.72%
Arya Stark 50.96%
Gendry 60.13%

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