Advanced Data Insights in 2020: A Step-by-Step Guide to BI and Analytics Success

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Advanced Data Insights eBook

By this point, the idea that data can transform your business isn’t some earth-shattering revelation. Analytics solutions and strategies, tailored to your business, can grow your revenue, unlock new markets or customers, enhance productivity, and advance your operations in unexpected ways. Despite these clear benefits, many organizations are still delaying the implementation of a modern analytics strategy.

Surveys show that 31% of organizations haven’t adopted a data-driven culture while almost half are struggling to make analytics work for them. And we understand why. Choosing the right analytics solution isn’t always intuitive, especially if you’re not familiar with all the prerequisite questions you need to answer.

Like any New Year’s resolution, there comes a time when you have to take a leap of faith and start working toward your goal. With that in mind, we’ve created a guide to help your business make 2020 the year you reap the full rewards of your data.

In “Advanced Data Insights in 2020: A Step-by-Step Guide to BI and Analytics Success,” we outline the questions and factors you need to consider to create the groundwork for an exceptional analytics strategy. We explore:

  • How your business goals and KPIs dictate your approach to analytics
  • Why you need a current state assessment to streamline your data sources and analysis
  • How your desired end users influence the features, complexity, and scope of your analytics platform
  • Which use cases offer optimal results for organizations in your industry
  • And more!

Examining this information is the first major step to successfully implementing analytics in your organization. With all of this knowledge at hand, you can determine which partners will provide you with solutions that satisfy your goals and give you more strategic opportunities in the New Year!

Ready to embrace analytics and achieve your business goals this year? Request your copy of The Advanced Data Insights in 2020.


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