Meet Aptitive’s Data Consultants – April Employee Spotlight

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Aptitive Employee Spotlight

Aptitive’s data consultants embrace their careers on their own terms. Because we focus on finding projects in the Chicagoland area, our consultants can create the work/life balance that suits their lifestyle. They have access to the many rewards of a technology consulting career – challenging projects, rapid career growth, and a competitive salary – without the drawbacks typically synonymous with consulting. To read more about the perks of an Aptitive career, head to our Careers page.

Each month, we’re shining a spotlight on three of Aptitive’s data consultants to learn how they got started in data consulting, how they have benefited from their Aptitive careers, and who they are when they aren’t at work. This month, we’re spotlighting Erica Germain, Alex Peterson, and Poonit Mistry.

Erica Germain Employee SpotlightErica Germain | Senior Data Consultant

Alma Mater & Major: undergrad: Ohio State University, industrial engineering; master’s: DePaul University, computer science

What is your favorite thing about working at Aptitive? My favorite thing about working at Aptitive is the people. Being a smaller company, I think you get to know each and every person at the company.

What made you want to get into technical consulting? I never thought about going into consulting mainly because I wanted to avoid travel, but Aptitive is unique in that it is mostly local to Chicago. I gravitated towards consulting because it offers a wide range of projects and changing work environments. Having recently graduated from my master’s program before joining Aptitive, I thought technical consulting would be a great fit for my new skill set.

What is your ideal start to your day? Ideally, I would be going into the office on a Friday when the rest of the Aptitive employees would be in the office and there would be donuts!

How does it feel to be a woman in technical consulting? I have been in a male dominated industry for almost 10 years, originally working in the supply chain industry, so I am used to being in the minority. However, Aptitive works hard to keep an equal percentage of men and women in the company, which has been awesome.

Alex Peterson Employee SpotlightAlex Peterson | Senior Data Consultant

Alma Mater & Major: University of Iowa, industrial engineering with a focus in mathematics

What is your favorite thing about working at Aptitive? I love the senior leadership here at Aptitive. Everyone is so transparent and focused on progressing employee careers.

What made you want to get into technical consulting? I wanted to work closely within small teams and be a part of projects from beginning to end.

What is your ideal start to your day? Wake up at 7:30, sit down at my computer around 8:00, and browse the stock market until 8:30, then work from there!

How does Aptitive support your career goals? Aptitive took a risk and hired me without experience with cloud technologies or consulting. Since my hire date, I’ve developed skills in cloud architecture, data warehouse design, application development, and much more. Soft skills I’ve learned include communication with clients, managing projects, and leading teams of my peers.

Poonit Mistry Employee SpotlightPoonit Mistry | Data Engineering Consultant

Alma Mater & Major: DePaul University, economics

What is your favorite thing about working at Aptitive? When I was looking for a new job during the COVID pandemic, I really wanted to find a place that took work/life balance seriously, especially in consulting where difficult projects can sometimes make you feel burnt out. I appreciate the work schedule flexibility Aptitive allows, which enables us to not sacrifice the things we love to do outside work. Furthermore, my coworkers are all-around great people to interact with and they truly care for each other’s growth, whether it be career-focused or just general life skills for us younger consultants.

What made you want to get into technical consulting? During college I had a tech internship at a prominent automotive marketing company in Chicago. It was there where I actually met two young consultants just 1-2 years out of college working on our DW/BI team. During that summer we had lunch every day, and it was during those moments that I learned about how they got into consulting and the skill sets firms are looking for when recruiting and interviewing soon-to-be college graduates.

What is your ideal start to your day? Finding that perfect Spotify playlist that fits my mood that morning and jotting down the list of tasks I’d want to get done for the day ahead. Helps me stay relaxed in the morning and keeps me focused throughout the day, especially if I’m switching between internal initiatives vs. client deliverables.

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