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Aptitive Announced as Newest dbt Labs Consulting Partner

By September 13, 2021 No Comments
Aptitive Announced as the Newest dbt Partner

Aptitive, a modern data and analytics consulting firm, has developed an official consulting partnership with dbt Labs, the maintainers of dbt, a product that enables the collaborative transformation of data inside a cloud warehouse. dbt’s transformation workflow helps teams ship trusted data faster; Aptitive and dbt Labs partner to provide clients with effective modern data solutions.

“We’re extremely excited to be an official dbt Labs partner. dbt allows Aptitive’s consulting teams to build more automation into our DataOps capabilities, which helps us better implement data engineering best practices for our clients’ data pipelines. Using dbt, we’re also able to deploy new features faster and with better data governance,” said Aptitive consultant Sarah Shea.

Read our press release to learn more about our new dbt Labs partner status and what this partnership means for our clients. Reference the below resources to read an overview of dbt and where it fits in the market, learn how Aptitive used dbt in creating a scalable data infrastructure for private equity M&A analytics reporting, or to get started with a 60-minute data architecture assessment.

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