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The History of the Aptitive and Snowflake Partnership

By June 17, 2021 No Comments
History of Aptitive Snowflake Partnership

[Editor’s Note: As of September, 2021, Aptitive has achieved Snowflake Elite Services Partner status!]

Aptitive recently reached Snowflake Premier Services Partner status, which got us reminiscing about the history of our partnership. Our strategic relationship with Snowflake began back in 2016, though our partnership became official in 2018. Below, see how our Snowflake solutions have developed from then until now.

Certifications and Accreditations

Despite the value provided by our years of Snowflake experience, we also encourage our consultants to become certified SnowPros. In fact, 80% of our consultants are Snowflake trained or certified. Aptitive boasts a total of 31 Snowflake accreditations and certifications.

Snowflake Certifications and Accreditations

Industries and Functions

We’ve had the opportunity to implement Snowflake solutions across a variety of industries. With our wide-ranging industry knowledge and Snowflake’s groundbreaking Data Cloud, we’ve helped many companies use their data to drive valuable insights and make critical business decisions.

Aptitive Snowflake Industries and Functions

Customers and Projects

With our deep Snowflake expertise, it’s no surprise our Snowflake client list is growing quickly with new clients added every month. Plus, many of our clients return for additional Snowflake projects as new use cases are defined and needs expand.

Snowflake Customer and Projects

Tech Partners

Aptitive’s experience goes beyond the Snowflake Data Cloud. As a tech-agnostic consulting firm, we can optimize your Snowflake investment with other leading cloud technologies.

Aptitive Snowflake Tech Partners

From Snowflake deployment and integration to advanced data science solutions, Aptitive helps mid-size to large enterprises build modern data ecosystems with Snowflake at the heart. No matter the need, Aptitive’s small, high-performing project teams can help your organization drive end-to-end Snowflake solutions.

Do you want to learn even more about the history of Aptitive and Snowflake’s partnership, as well as where we see the partnership going from here? Aptitive CTO Fred Bliss shared his thoughts in a video and transcript on our blog. You can also download the full Aptitive/Snowflake partnership infographic here.