Aptitive Data Science Fair Registration

Three takeaways from the (data) Science Fair we hosted last week showcasing top vendors, data technology solutions, and practical business applications using innovative data strategies:

  1. It’s a fast moving data world — the tools get better, there are more options, and the decisions on what technology to use are getting more complex every day in this space. The good news is that it gives your IT organization more choices, and the productivity improvements keep making more sophisticated solutions like machine learning and predictive analytics attainable.
  2. It applies everywhere — there seems to be no limit to the number of use cases where better, faster data will provide quick business value. Every company I talked to that night shared new ideas and strategic uses for predictive analytics and data science solutions. In your industry, at your company, your competitors are moving quickly to put those solutions in place.
  3. The future of data in the Cloud — The data warehouse of the future, including all the ELT and analytics, will be cloud-based. Many companies are already there but if you are not you need to be. The tools are mature enough, and the agility that cloud data solutions afford will make the migration of your on-premise data warehouse to the cloud a no-brainer. The cloud is also where all the data tool vendors are driving their products.

(data) Science Fair NetworkingOne last thing — it is absolutely amazing what talented technical folks can do with the latest in data technologies. Not only Aptitive, but other technology firms continue to build and develop really innovative technical solutions around data. Our vendor partners, even our competitors who attended are all pushing the envelope with machine learning, predictive analytics models, IoT and sensor data.

Click here to learn more about the (data) Science Fair and see more photos from the event.

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