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Real-Time Analytics: More Accessible Than You Think

By July 16, 2018 No Comments
Real-Time Analytics

In today’s fast-paced data-driven world, quicker access to actionable insights is critical and, most importantly, achievable – no matter what business you are in. Gone are the days when cost or complexity kept real-time analytics data visibility out of reach. Inexpensive data storage solutions, event-driven ELT, and modern analytics platforms make this possible with significantly lower upfront investment and faster development than in years past. These platforms additionally enable you to scale up or down to fit your unique circumstances.

Last month, Aptitive hosted its inaugural (data) Science Fair. Together with our sponsors we showcased the latest and greatest in data technology, from coffee makers controlled by Tweets to virtual reality analytics. While attendees navigated the fair, they texted the event host, Chatbot Rima, to earn points for interacting with booths. To compliment this, we built a Looker dashboard that prominently displayed the top rankings of all the attendees as well as the most visited booths:

Real-Time Analytics ScoreboardInformation about actual interactions taking place at the event were being visualized on the dashboard as they happened.  The scoreboard added an extra element of competitive excitement to the event, but it also demonstrated the power and simplicity of real-time analytics. Built on top of massively scalable technologies such as a Snowflake data warehouse and an Alooma Data Pipeline, the same dashboard could have been easily adjusted to show a similar real-time scoreboard suited for events as large as the World Cup.

To learn more about the data pipeline and underlying architecture behind the (data) Science Fair scoreboard, read our other blog post here

Aptitive has implemented similar solutions for clients ranging in size from fewer than 20 employees to over 10,000. In every case, whether it was reduced costs or quicker decision-making, there was an almost immediate benefit for the stakeholders. The (data) Science Fair scoreboard is only one example of how to analyze and present streaming data. From showing health care providers real-time patient vitals, to displaying interactions as they occur on an e-commerce website, or visualizing assembly line operations in facilities around the world, these analytics can apply to nearly every use case imaginable. Our scoreboard was simply a fun way to demonstrate how few barriers lie between your company and the ability to gain actionable insights from real-time data analytics.

Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about empowering faster and more effective decision-making leveraging real-time analytics.