Key Strategic Announcements from the 2019 Snowflake Summit

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key strategic announcements from the 2019 Snowflake Summit

Being a top Snowflake partner in Chicago, Aptitive sent a team to the 2019 Snowflake Summit in San Francisco this week to stay on top of all the new features, best practices, and customer use cases. It was clear from the Keynote this morning that Snowflake continues to revolutionize cloud data warehousing! Everything from simple ingestion to sharing data, Snowflake is disrupting how companies use that data for analytics initiatives. With Aptitive as the architects behind your custom solution, your organization can immediately benefit from all of Snowflake’s features. Here’s a peak at some of the key strategic announcements from the 2019 Snowflake Summit.

Key Strategic Announcements

Multi-cloud Initiatives

  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) launch and additional AWS and Azure regions
  • New Organization management tab in Snowflake to manage multiple accounts, consolidate billing, view usage, and get a single view into your Snowflake spending
  • Data replication across Snowflake accounts, with the ability to replicate cross-region and even cross-cloud, such as from Azure to AWS
  • Failover and fallback from a primary to a secondary instance, including the option to create a single client URL for your BI tools to seamlessly fail over without disruption to end users
  • Replication will be in public preview in Q3

Learn more about Snowflake’s integration with Google Cloud Platform

Data Exchange

  • Possibly the most innovative announcement – an app store for data, allowing data providers to securely share both public and personalized data in near real time
  • We see this creating large network effects, such as enabling marketing firms to feed data back to their customers, or published external data sets to integrate with your own data for machine learning and predictive analytics
  • We’re taking one step closer to leaving behind the ‘old way’ of sharing data via FTP and EDI and toward a future of enabling all your data, both internal and external, to be leveraged in one centralized database

Learn more about the features and benefits for the Snowflake Data Exchange

Key Technical Announcements

OAuth and Identity Management

  • Via OAuth, BI tools can now relay identity from an application back to Snowflake – Tableau is available today, and solutions from both Microsoft and Looker are coming soon
  • Ability for Identity Providers, such as Active Directory or Okta, to propagate changes down to Snowflake, allowing for auto-provisioning and modifications of users and security roles

Extensibility in Snowflake

  • Custom user defined data types for applications on Snowflake, with Geospatial data types as the first release built using this framework
  • New SQL features, which will be covered in sessions throughout the week

Worksheets 3.0, a better query editor on the web

  • Editor suggestions and auto-complete, allowing for developers and analysts to start writing SQL and receive suggestions for schemas, columns, and functions
  • Visualizations for data profiling and exploration, including the ability to click and filter as you would in a BI tool
  • Major improvements to team collaboration, with the ability to share queries and visualizations, along with the ability to view, edit, or run based on your security role

Data Integration and Connectors

  • Credential-less stages: no more passing credentials to external stage – when you grant rights to your users, they can now manage the stage without needing the access keys
  • Snowpipe Auto-ingest: sets up queue to automatically ingest data via event notifications
  • Native Kafka connector to subscribe to topics and publish events directly to Snowflake and auto-ingest via Snowpipe
  • Table Streams: Making incremental change identification and processing of data easy
  • Tasks: Job scheduler in Snowflake to execute SQL statements or stored procedures, with both dependency management and conditional options
  • Spark Streaming connector
  • Ability to execute both GET and PUT commands in the ODBC driver

Augmented Data Lakes

  • More performant external tables, allowing for querying data in existing object store data lakes and creating materialized views for better performance, all without writing jobs to load the data directly
  • Combined with Kafka, Streams, and Tasks, we can now feed IoT data in near-real-time from device to dashboard, allowing for both real-time analysis of anomalies and integration with other data for machine learning models
  • Available today in public preview

Why it Matters?

Aptitive has been a part of the Snowflake partner program for a few years now. In that time we’ve seen it grow from an early stage data warehouse to a comprehensive enterprise-ready solution – today, we start to see a shift toward the innovation that will likely set trends for the entire data and analytics ecosystem.

One of the biggest takeaways from today’s announcement is that Snowflake is listening to customer feedback and taking actions to solve real world business problems facing organizations today. They continue to add new features every week, often with us not even knowing, with zero maintenance downtime. Aptitive is proud to be a strategic partner with significant expertise in both the architecture and development of data platforms. Interested in learning more about these features or how they can fuel innovative new ideas in your analytics organization? Reach out today for a custom Snowflake Strategy Session