Aptitive Launches Data & Advanced Analytics Practice to Support Your Private Equity Roll-up Strategy

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Aptitive Supports Private Equity Rollup Strategy with Data

CHICAGO, IL – Aptitive, a Chicago IT consulting firm helping businesses leverage their data to make smart decisions and achieve business goals, is extending their technical and business expertise to enhance the analytics capabilities and cash flow of private equity firms. With experience monetizing data for portfolio companies, the Aptitive team enables private equity firms to accelerate financial and operational value creation.

Obtaining accurate and reliable insight with a private equity roll-up strategy is challenging. As roll-up deals close, a legion of ERP systems proliferate often with a lack of shared metrics and KPIs across acquisitions. This complicates performance benchmarking and hinders accountability.

The traditional financial consolidation process requires each acquisition to submit statements and for analysts and associates to manually consolidate that data. As a result, roll-up processes have often been highly complex, very manual, and sluggish. Moreover, manual consolidation often introduces a number of short, medium, and long term management issues that impede cash flow enhancements and value creation.

Working with the Aptitive team can simplify the analytics and value creation process – when you need it. Private equity firms that work with Aptitive can unlock the following:

  • Accurate, real-time reports and executive dashboards on portfolio company performance
  • Predictive analytics that anticipate and forecast future financial results
  • Improved operational performance reporting to drive accountability and measure progress
  • Operational insights to find opportunities for improved efficiencies and cost savings

“Merging a portfolio of acquired companies and their disparate information management systems (e.g., ERP) can be time consuming, disruptive, and expensive,” said Jim Anfield, Principal and Practice Area Lead at Aptitive. “By focusing on the integration of the companies at the data level, we can quickly provide our private equity clients and their operating teams with a standardized single-source-of-truth finance and operating statement dashboards and then accelerate value creation.”

“Implementing a data hub is the first step in driving further accuracy and deeper decision-making across private equity funds,” said Paul Corning, CEO at Aptitive. “Whether it’s providing a dashboard to evaluate portfolio company performance or predictive analytics to anticipate trends or opportunities, the Aptitive team can help enhance profitability and raise your EBITDA margins across portfolio companies and funds.”

If you want to learn more about how Aptitive can accelerate PE value creation and improve EBITDA opportunities from a private equity roll-up strategy, you can learn more at our Analytics and Reporting for Private Equity page. If you’re ready to enhance your revenue and growth now, reach out here.

About Aptitive

Aptitive is a Chicago-based IT consulting firm with solutions focusing on the management, design, and development of data-centric projects. Our consultants hold a multitude of certifications across a variety of platforms and offer technology agnostic solutions that are tailored to each client’s unique business problems.

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