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  • The client approached Aptitive during a long-standing struggle to bring order and clarity to their data management efforts.
  • We harnessed data from throughout the company’s departments and placed it in a centralized cloud-based data warehouse, then provided them with a customized platform for visualizing company data and creating comprehensive business reports.
  • Now empowered by new tools and processes, the client has adopted a new proactive approach to decision making and eliminated long-standing workflow inefficiencies.


The client is a major health benefits and pension fund with operations throughout the United States. After years of challenges with data management, company leadership launched a new effort to centralize data assets in each member location to improve efficiency and orchestration across the organization.

Some of the goals for the firm included:

  • Improve internal communication and data-driven decision-making capabilities
  • Leverage data assets to boost employee efficiency and enable them to better resolve issues
  • Improve the management of their support issue backlog


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The Challenge

When the client first approached Aptitive, their data was spread across a wide variety of different systems, with redundant copies of data appearing in multiple locations. This made analytics and business reporting tasks unnecessarily time-consuming.

In addition, some systems within the company were still using paper records, which presented a serious drag on internal productivity. Specifically, the time needed to process cases and respond to customer requests was much longer than their executives hoped.

The Solution

After performing a thorough audit, the Aptitive team recommended unifying all data from across the client’s organization into a single cloud data warehouse. Working with the client’s management and IT team, we determined that Amazon Redshift was an ideal platform for the client’s needs.

The Aptitive solution had several unique features:

  • A set of standardized extract transform and load (ETL) tools for easy data ingestion
  • Business intelligence (BI) capabilities that allowed end-users and teams to quickly create advanced data visualizations

In addition, Aptitive also developed customized business logic for the client, allowing them to efficiently model their data and visualize company-wide workflows. This customization helped the client identify new and important KPIs, providing them with a renewed sense of focus and morale.

The Outcome

With new dashboards deeply integrated into their workflows, the client was able to locate and improve upon business processes that had long been draining company efficiency. Moreover, the interactive nature of these new dashboards replaced slow business reporting processes, enabling faster and more reliable insights.

As a result of our work, the client shifted their business reporting posture from reactively addressing problems, to being able to proactively improve their service before customers complained or an issue impacted productivity.

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