Aptitive directed an enterprise strategy to reorganize product offerings to realize back-end cost savings

The Problem

Our client had multiple product offerings that were interdependent but resided on isolated systems, making communication between the programs much harder and more costly. As a result, our client could not easily get their data or use it for reporting through a business intelligence tool. Some of the issues were:

  • Critical static reports for customers could take over a day to run
  • Products were dependent on a custom framework, which was prohibitive to modifications
  • Cost of multiple resources per client to handle the various systems
  • Data inaccuracies were abundant
  • Confusion on the product suite sales strategy

Our Solution

We performed both an in-depth technical assessment of the product suite as well as current and future state workshops to understand where the product suite was in-line with our client’s need. As a result of these assessments we proposed a strategy to integrate all of the client’s product offering’s into a single repository, offloading reporting capabilities onto the separate products. Our team:

  • Developed a roadmap for all future integrations into the single solution for seamless transition
  • Performed a detailed gap analysis and prioritization of enhancements
  • Created a detailed enterprise product suite and reporting architecture that enabled current requirements and future scalability
  • Provided design patterns and best practices for data architecture to enable the product offerings to conform to growing analytics requirements

The Outcome

Aptitive provided the roadmap necessary to move our client forward in their new stage of growth and change. Some highlights of our solution included:

  • Management had a clear path forward through a time of rapid change
  • Development efforts were able to account for future scalability
  • Product offerings were restructured to attain the highest cost savings possible in internal resources to support them
  • Resulting product enhancements were driven by the business needs and leadership vision for the entire enterprise

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