Aptitive’s centralized data hub reduces data discovery time using an ETL framework to automate pulling disparate data sources into one searchable and quick data hub.

The Problem

Our client needed streamlined data discovery for contract data and collateral documents. Aptitive developed a data hub, data warehouse, and data discovery application to slice, dice, and search contract data across applications to reduce time to find collateral to support audits by 97%. Audit data requests were delayed due to disparate data with no connections. The client needed to search contract data and supporting documents across multiple source applications but the current applications did not provide this functionality. Therefore, all the searching and combining was manual and very labor intensive.

Our Solution

Aptitive worked with the client to understand their manual process and the variety of data sources, and recommended integrating the data from multiple disparate data sources into a single data warehouse. Aptitive leveraged our ETL Framework that automates the creation of SSIS ETL packages, and dramatically decreases development time with improved quality. The front-end search capabilities enabled by the QlikView associative search allow the user to slice and dice the data as needed.

The Outcome

The new data integration and data discovery solution reduced the data gathering and research time dramatically to increase productivity of the client business team. The solution provides:

  • Quick response to auditor request for documentation
  • Flexible data discovery capabilities that allow business users to link data across multiple systems and facets that isn’t possible manually
  • An extensible platform to accommodate additional data sources in the future
  • Strong return on investment with a payback period of under two years
  • Aptitive built the solution in multiple releases based on source systems to achieve fast results, and allow the benefits of the initial release to fund subsequent releases
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