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  • A leading global financial services company needed an experienced Snowflake partner to deliver training and drive Snowflake user adoption.
  • Aptitive was chosen for our strong Snowflake experience and comprehensive data management expertise in enterprise organizations.
  • The training program was well-received across a multitude of roles, including technical and non-technical users, and has been adapted for a fully virtual environment.


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The Challenge

A leading global financial services company knew that an essential part of a successful new technology rollout was a strong user adoption and training program. When it came to rolling out the Snowflake Data Platform, they wanted an experienced and certified Snowflake partner to deliver a series of trainings to their IT, data, business intelligence, and other key teams.

They chose Aptitive, a respected Snowflake consulting partner, to design and deliver a custom training program tailored to their unique technology ecosystem, use cases, and industry specific needs. With an understanding of how Snowflake fits into a bigger enterprise ecosystem, Aptitive was well positioned to deliver a custom training program that spoke to specific needs and pain points at the organization.

The Solution

Aptitive worked with the technical training manager to develop a tailor-made, 1 day training course. The materials covered:

  • The underlying architecture of Snowflake, and why it matters
  • How Snowflake can best integrate with both on-premise and AWS services
  • The unique capabilities of Snowflake from both a consumer and integration standpoint
  • How Snowflake differs from other cloud-based data warehouses
  • How all of that can affect how a company designs, implements and uses Snowflake
  • Hands-on training developing Snowflake skills used in real-world environments

The interactive, instructor-led course was designed to cater to a background of both technical and non-technical users and included 3 custom, hands-on labs for different skill sets – Data Engineers, Database Administrators, and Business Analysts/Data Scientists. Attendees also included managers and directors who needed a better understanding of the building blocks required to deploy a large enterprise analytics solution.

The Outcome

The client brought Aptitive in to teach nearly 20 sessions over the course of a year, training over 400 data engineers, analysts, DBAs, directors, and managers, including a virtual session with users across the country.

While the core content remained the same throughout, the messaging was adapted to engage and resonate with the wide range of needs, skill sets, and functions.

The content and hands-on labs are currently being enhanced with new Snowflake content and to accommodate a 100% virtual environment for 2020 training.

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