Aptitive built a custom user interface that allows quick and easy insights for a global manufacturing and industrial automation company

The Problem

Our client’s sales team needed a new process for real time viewing of their POS data in their current user interface. Their current process was highly manual and tedious to load and maintain. This process lead to 3-4 month delays in paying out their sales bonuses.

Our Solution

Our solution uses custom web services to allow for near real-time,
automated integration of data from various sources. This data is
embedded in an existing application and allows self-service analytics
within an easy-to-use interface.

The Outcome

Our client gained operational cost savings from having an
automated solution, clear and accurate insights into their sales
performance metrics, and an easy-to-use interface for self-service
analytics. Our solution resulted in:

  • Quick turnaround on sales information for sales commissions
  • Real-time and automated processing
  • Robust analytics on sales quantities, parts, sales by customer, and other metrics that meet corporate reporting needs

Client Industry

Manufacturing & Industrial Automation



Custom Web Services
.Net Frameworks
SQL Server Integration Services
Cognos 11