Data Centralization and Access

Short on time? Here are the key facts.

  • A global manufacturer of outdoor power equipment was struggling to increase their number of new product warranty registrations.
  • Years of successive acquisition and neglect had left the company’s data assets in severe disarray, making it nearly impossible to find the insights they needed to address the challenge.
  • Aptitive used customized data management tools and integrations to improve data centralization and access which helped to uncover the data they needed to solve the problem.



Featured Technologies

Azure Data Factory
Azure Functions
Qlik Replicate


A global manufacturer of outdoor power equipment wanted to increase product warranty registrations while obtaining more accurate user data in the process. Numerous obstacles were complicating this objective, including data systems that were fractured by years of competitor acquisition and mismanagement.

Aptitive created a holistic system to intake and process our client’s company data, providing them with the information needed to work with their dealers to drive the boost in warranty registrations they were seeking.

The Challenge

Our client reached out to Aptitive to improve data centralization and access to help them solve a couple important business challenges:

  • Product warranty registrations for their equipment at the point of sale had been chronically lower than desired.
  • Company leadership also wanted to create a system for incentivizing account managers who increased sign-ups, but they lacked the systems for managing this program at scale.

A major challenge in establishing this system was the company’s data. Our client had grown through acquisition over the course of many years; and during this time, little attention was paid to the collection and management of company data. As a result, data related to dealers, account managers, and warranty registrations was decentralized throughout their infrastructure.

With their existing systems, collecting data for the program would require hours of manual queries, data cleansing, aggregation, and analysis. Moreover, this long, labor-intensive process would only create a single monthly report, which failed to provide the engagement and excitement the client desired.

The Solution

Aptitive used data management platform Qlik Replicate to gather data from the company’s disparate systems and place them in a centralized, cloud-based Snowflake repository. This data repository featured ongoing data replication in near-real-time, providing a foundation for faster, more accurate reporting.

Next, using both Azure Data Factory and Azure Functions, the Aptitive team transformed the raw data into a modeled data warehouse. The warehouse served as the basis for a front-end dashboard that we built using reporting and visualization system Tableau.

The result was a system that showed the year-over-year improvement in total product registrations, as well as the percentage of registrations compared to units sold for each account manager.

The Outcome

The centralized data warehouse with ongoing replication shows the team new data daily. This allows account managers to chart their progress and better measure the success of their efforts. It has also helped the client’s staff and dealerships to cooperate on adjusting the warranty registration program and further optimizing results.

What's Next

Our client plans to partner with Aptitive to expand the data warehouse by integrating new predictive analytics capabilities such as production forecasting and demand planning.


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