Aptitive integrates gaming and hotel data to gain a 360 degree view of a customer.

The Problem

A Las Vegas hotel and casino, facing increased competition from other casinos and upscale department stores, needed to build out an analytics capability to better identify and market to their customers across the full organization. Through the use of customer loyalty cards, they were capturing data at their high-end clothing stores at the point-of-sale, but did not have the capability to effectively store, integrate, or analyze this data across their other systems. Our customer required a solution that would allow their marketing team to run targeted campaigns and promotions to drive new business.

Our Solution

By capturing daily snapshots of point-of-sales (POS) data from the stores (in both Las Vegas and Macau), which consisted primarily of designer fashion brands, our team built a data integration hub and data warehouse in SQL Server that transformed a variety of flat files into a common data model. By collecting and aggregating the data across all the POS systems, building reports, and performing ad-hoc analysis across multiple dimensions, our customer was able to better understand sales trends and customer profiles across all stores in the organization. This also built a foundation for all future analytics solutions within the company.

The Outcome

After the initial data collection and aggregation phase, our team integrated gaming and hotel data to build a 360 degree profile of a customer across all facets of the brand. This capability allowed their marketing team to cross-sell and run campaigns for their hotel, gaming, and retail divisions – for example, sending a store coupon to a customer that has booked a hotel stay, or a high-spender in the casino receiving a targeted promotion and retail store credit upon arrival at the casino. Following the completion of the project, our customer was able to achieve increased visibility into the activity of their customers and a stronger understanding of their buying patterns.

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