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  • A property and casualty insurance company with more than 10 acquisitions needed a way to create holistic reports across the enterprise.
  • Aptitive created a centralized data hub that consolidated data sources and improved data quality.
  • Our solution enabled enterprise reporting on KPIs such as premiums and loss ratios across all lines of business, saving our insurance client nearly 50 hours each month.

The Challenge

Aptitive’s client, an insurance holding organization that had acquired more than 10 individual property and casualty companies, struggled to provide reporting and analytics at an enterprise level. The client wanted to gain uniform, overarching insights about claims and policies across their many lines of business. With their existing data processes, the business intelligence team struggled with differing reporting practices across companies, highly manual processes for editing existing reports, and no ability to use modern BI tools for dashboarding or advanced analytics.


Insurance – Property and Casualty

Featured Technologies

Duck Creek
Microsoft SQL Server
SQL Server Integration Services
SQL Server Reporting Services
SQL Server Server Analysis Services

The Solution

Aptitive leveraged our client’s existing ETL framework and best practices to create a centralized data hub. This improved their P&C reporting capabilities by consolidating data sources, improving data quality, and standardizing business logic across the enterprise into a single version of the truth.

The Outcome

Aptitive’s solution eliminated many of our client’s manual processes and data inaccuracies, leading to more accurate P&C reporting and insightful analytics. Furthermore, the solution enabled the organization to break down their KPIs across many dimensions of their business, including premiums, reserves, loss ratios, and retention rates. This allow business stakeholders to effectively analyze and report on their subsidiaries, as well as the overall organization.

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