Aptitive develops new reporting process for a global manufacturing company

The Problem

Our client’s American branch updated thier ERP system, making it incompatible with their existing report procedure for sales, inventory, and product data. As a result, they were having to manually gather the data necessary for the report and send it out to their headquarters overseas. They needed a consistent and accurate report process that would seamlessly integrate with their new ERP system.

Our Solution

Aptitive developed a centralized data hub to ensure there was only one version of the data available to all departments. A data warehouse was created to support business intelligence and ad hoc reporting. We then built a process for generating flat files to send to our client’s corporate headquares using Aptitive’s ETL framework to ensure data accuracy, performance, and error handling capabilities.

The Outcome

Our solution allowed the client to generate automated reports based on a central data hub that worked with the new ERP system. Some of the benefits included:

  • Design is scalable to allow additional company divisions to update their ERP version and maintain global reporting
  • Corporate office can now take advantage of the centralized data warehouse to generate reports that are in sync with local business intelligence data
  • Gained efficiencies in report performance through new ETL framework

Client Industry

Global Manufacturing Company



Microsoft SQL Server 2012
SQL Server Integration Services