Aptitive consolidates client’s software platform with embedded analytics to allow end customers to gain insight across the provider’s facilities

The Problem

Our client is a SaaS software company selling to long-term healthcare providers. The core product was separated from their static reporting solution, which delivered a less-than-optimal user experience and disparate, legacy tools. The process to get these two products into a better marketable state was also highly manual, which kept the team from working on more important business objectives.

Our Solution

Our team utilized Azure resources and SQL Server services to integrate back-end data with the front-end application. By creating a cloud data platform, data was centralized into an infrastructure that could scale directly with customer growth. Through the use of Power BI, drill-through dashboards were embedded into the core application to provide a single location for both patient management and facility analytics.

The Outcome

By consolidating these two offerings into one product, Aptitive enabled our client to sell an additional analytics add-on package to address all of their end-customers’ needs. This new product provided the provider’s users with the simplicity of one place to manage patient and facility workflows, while also providing meaningful insight into patients. Providers were now able to act and pivot care management quickly based on a patient’s health behavior. The end users were given more advanced features (such as the ability to drill through reports) and our client was able to increase their sales with both the analytics offering and the Data-as-a-Service model.

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