An entertainment retailer realizes a $28M increase in yearly revenue by building a targeted email marketing analytics platform using information on customer behavior

The Problem

Our client lacked an email marketing strategy, the ability to analyze campaigns, and visibility into the cost and ROI associated with each email. They also did not have a central area from which they could tie together sales data for a customer between the physical retail locations and the e-commerce platform.

The terabytes of data our client was collecting was challenging to store and caused reporting issues across the enterprise.

To solve these issues and have a more effective email marketing strategy, our client wanted an integrated marketing analytics platform that could provide a holistic view of a customer.

Our Solution

Aptitive defined, designed, and built a solution that allowed the client to see a customer’s buying behavior across brick-and-mortar and e-commerce mediums.

The team utilized SSIS and Microsoft SQL Server to integrate data from multiple sources. The ETL process cleansed the data, getting rid of duplicates and transforming syntax so all of the data fit together in a consolidated manner. Custom integration points were built alongside many of the firm’s marketing affiliates and partners to standardize data delivery and email campaign execution. The Adobe/Omniture suite of products were then implemented to identify and track customer interactions and feed this information into the enterprise data warehouse.

After ingesting and consolidating the data, our team used Tableau and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services to create actionable dashboards and visualizations that allowed the marketing team quick insights into their campaigns.

The Outcome

Aptitive’s solution resulted in a $28M increase in yearly revenue. Our client’s marketing team is now able to make informed, data-driven decisions and could now target customers more effectively with these insights.

The analytics engine allowed the identification of a customer across buying platforms, which allowed a true measure of a customer’s lifetime value.

Email marketing costs also decreased as a result of a more targeted strategy, based on over 3 billion historic email transactions that are now available for analysis.

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