Aptitive created a real-time employee feedback chatbot that communicates with employees and aggregates information in a way that is constructive and immediate

The Problem

Aptitive’s goal for this project was to create a way for people to exchange feedback instantly: when it’s most applicable and advantageous. 15Five, at the time, was the existing tool that most closely encompassed this objective. However, it compelled bi-weekly evaluations of oneself and only optionally suggested “high-fives”- bits of positive feedback for teammates. As a result, semi-annual reviews demanded that mentors scour for feedback from anyone that may have pertinent feedback to provide. This approach led to quandary among feedback gatherers, as they were pressed to aggregate feedback spanning a six month period. Questions quickly arose such as, “wouldn’t it have been more useful for him or her to have known this when it happened?” or “can you remember any specific occasions when this happened?”

Our Solution

The solution was to create an accessible tool that would encourage people to give (and as a result, receive) feedback when it is most productive. Not only was it necessary to create a channel for said feedback, but it was essential that it fit into users’ existing routine. Therefore, we created a chatbot in Slack. Users were already accustomed to logging into their accounts daily to chat with teammates, so we merely extended this routine by adding one more (hand made) user for them to communicate with.

The Outcome

People quickly adopted the chatbot as a means of reflection and assessment. As in all cases, we had to encourage ratification, but we were pleased to find that people started to leave feedback for others immediately after meetings, in the evenings, or anytime an opportunity presented itself. People also quickly took advantage of the chatbot’s “see your own feedback” feature. Everyone was curious to see what criticism or compliments they had received, which drew more interest and usage. Furthermore, mentors were pleased to find that they received customized alerts when their mentees received feedback. They found that it granted the opportunity to act on significantly negative or positive feedback proactively. Overall, the chatbot quickly assimilated into the culture and environment, and elevated the productivity of feedback and reviews overall.

Client Industry

Applicable To Any Industry