Aptitive developed a serverless computing solution that increased sales lead conversion by 32% and yet reduced development efforts by 36%

The Problem

Poor access to strategic sales lead information was affecting conversion rates and limiting annual sales revenue. Our client needed a fast solution that provided enterprise-wide access to opportunity data, prevented overlooked or inactive leads, and fit within a limited development budget. The company did not have a large IT staff and needed a solution that reduced the overall development time, devops requirements, and operational costs.

Our Solution

Aptitive considered the following when architecting the solution:

  • Time to market
  • Long-term maintainability
  • Overall development and deployment costs
  • Administration and maintenance requirements

Aptitive developed a serverless computing solution hosted in Microsoft Azure that created automated email alerts to executive staff for stagnating opportunities, as well as a secured, interactive web application that provided easy access to important lead information in real time.

The Outcome

The serverless computing solution was completed in 64% of the time and development cost estimated for an on-premise solution. Deployment time was reduced from 3 weeks to 2 days.

Within the year, our client was able to increase their sales lead conversion by 32% by reducing inactivity and avoiding lost opportunities. With better access to information, productive meeting engagement between staff and executive personnel dramatically increased, and less time was spent presenting one-sided sales updates.

Client Industry

Information Technology



Serverless Computing
Azure Logic Apps
Azure Functions
Azure Web Apps