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  • Our client was losing money due to a lack of visibility into excessive energy costs in buildings across the U.S.
  • Aptitive implemented an IoT analytics solution to allow visibility into energy inefficiency costs in our client’s equipment buildings.
  • The client gained insights that allowed them to implement process improvements on contractor behavior and to make strategic lighting changes, ultimately decreasing costs associated with energy waste.



The Challenge

Our national telecom client was losing money on energy costs due to a lack of visibility into the use of commercial lighting in equipment buildings. Due to service versus billing cycles, our client was incurring excessive energy costs on the lighting of potentially unmanned equipment buildings. In some cases, a technician would leave the lights on when they left a building and the lights would remain on for six months or more as no other person would enter the building.

The Solution

Aptitive’s team placed sensors in more than 100 equipment buildings to collect data on contractor activity and lighting use. This IoT data was remotely collected and integrated with contractor data to tie out increased energy costs due to waste.

The data was combined with other data such as which contracting companies serviced specific equipment buildings and how often the equipment needed to be serviced. The data was then combined with electricity bills from each equipment building for a full IoT analytics solution, providing a full view of the lighting, the contractors used, and the costs associated with lighting in each building.

The Outcome

Our IoT analytics solution gave the client the ability to take preventative measures to be more sustainable and reduce costs related to energy waste. Additionally, this solution provided insights that allowed our client to implement process improvements on contractor behavior that increased contractor efficiencies.

The results indicated that our client would see a 75% cost savings by using other lighting options such as motion detectors and/or timed lighting.

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