Aptitive created a custom data strategy to help a global law firm modernize their data ecosystem and allow fast access to clean, accurate data with new tools for advanced analytic solutions.

Just the Headlines 

Short on time? Here are the key facts.

  • A global law firm wanted to better serve their clients and more effectively manage the firm but lacked both easy access to accurate data and analytic tools.
  • Aptitive led a strategy and planning process to map out their vision, design the data architecture, select the right tools and plan a long-term roadmap.
  • The result was a comprehensive strategy that outlined not only the tools and technology needed but also the required organizational change initiatives to deliver the near-term value while building to their long-term vision.

The Problem  

How profitable is this matter or this service area? How are we doing on utilization for associates in our Southwest region? Is this practice more or less successful than other practices?

These kinds of questions are asked every day in every firm, but the answers can depend on what data is used in the analysis and what metrics and measures define success. For our client, there was little consensus and way too much time debating contradictions in the data and interpreting and misinterpreting the answers.

Their leadership wanted executives and lawyers to make proactive decisions firm-wide, but these users needed accurate data first and foremost. Our analysis showed that over 80% of the user’s time was spent finding the data and creating the reports, with only 20% of the time spent on analyzing and taking action.

Data Strategy Quote

With the goal of a “single source of the truth” in mind, their CFO reached out to Aptitive in the hopes of planning a centralized data and reporting platform. He chose Aptitive because of our experience building out data strategies that balanced the needs of the business users with a strong technical foundation. Our collaborative strategy-first approach made our team the ideal partner to make this project a success.

Our Solution

Over the course of several months, our team worked closely with the client’s stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of their goals, needs, pain points, and overall vision. Aptitive conducted a series of discovery interviews with executives, functional managers, and partners. In these conversations, we explored the inefficiencies in data access and analysis and the potential value to the firm from a common view and shared understanding of problems and opportunities.

Then, we reviewed their existing infrastructure of databases, systems, and applications. We found numerous custom applications and siloed reporting efforts with their own distinct data sources. This separation kept our client from producing accurate, cohesive answers to questions asked by their practice group leaders and senior management team.

From what to why
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The next step was to pinpoint the right data and reporting platform solution. We weighed the pros and cons of on-premise vs. cloud and building vs. buying. Then we matched this approach with the right technologies for the job. In the end, we recommended a scalable and versatile cloud-based solution, built to accommodate their need for flexible and customizable analysis.

Our recommendations included organizational change processes and greater data governance efforts to create an end-to-end process that ensured the data being analyzed was accurate and valid for decision making.

The Outcome

The end result for our client was a clear data and technical architecture that will support leading-edge analytical tools using consistent and accurate firm-wide data. A roadmap helped define the budget and schedule necessary to achieve their vision and the organizational change recommendations define the people/process changes they need to make.

By focusing on data strategy upfront, the client will be able to implement their data and reporting platform in a way that is cost-effective, efficient, and will set them up for a competitive advantage using analytic insights.

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