Customized Snowflake Training Programs

Whether you’re nearing the end of a Snowflake deployment or struggling to get the most out of your data warehouse investment, Aptitive offers customized Snowflake training programs across several areas of the platform to help drive adoption across the organization, as well as to build the skills of your team of developers and analysts.

Snowflake training programs can be tailored to various roles in the organization including, Analysts, ETL & Data Engineers, and Data Scientists.

All training courses include the core Snowflake training topics, from architecture to best practices in using the platform. Our core training covers the following components:

  • Snowflake architecture and design patterns
  • Designing for performance and long term Snowflake cost savings
  • Introduction to under-the-hood components such as micro-partitions and immutable file structures
  • Data modeling best practices for performance and long-term scalability
  • Overview of scaling, multi-clustering, and caching for performance
  • Time travel, query history, and logging
  • Understanding of the Information Schema and underlying metadata layers
  • Security overview and role management design
  • Using Snowflake for JSON and semi-structured data and querying

All Snowflake Training programs from Aptitive are customized to meet the unique needs of your organization.

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