Data Analytics for Third-Party Administrators

The role of the third-party administrator (TPA) has evolved beyond basic claims processing, billing, and employee benefits management. TPAs are taking on more of a strategic role by using advanced data and analytics solutions to uncover areas for improvement and growth on behalf of their end clients. Data-driven TPAs are able to provide more superior services by using data analytics to provide their clients with insights and information to help them improve their ability to prioritize the areas of greatest need and opportunity.

In order for a TPA to become more data-driven and scale their analytics capabilities, they need a data and analytics strategy designed to create value for their clients. A TPA data and analytics strategy can improve the way they operate internally as well as expand the offerings they can provide to their clients. This data strategy will serve as the blueprint to build out the data and analytics infrastructure for the TPA.

As a modern data consulting partner specializing in TPA data and analytics, Aptitive can implement a modern analytics solution that will automate internal and external reporting and help to measure, track, and uncover insights on:

  • New account marketing and acquisition
  • Operations and profitability improvements
  • Account population risk and opportunity analysis
  • Ways to reduce fraud, waste, and abuse

Want better internal and external reporting and analytics for improved operations and client satisfaction?

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Data Strategy

Aptitive takes a holistic approach to modern data analytics for TPAs. Starting with a data strategy, our healthcare, insurance, and operations data consultants work with your leadership and stakeholders to understand your business goals, your data needs, your analytics challenges, and other key information to build you a scalable data and analytics strategy customized to your unique needs.

Data Analytics

Your analytics are only as good as the data behind them. To truly maximize the value of all of your currently siloed data, you must unify all of your data sources into a single powerful engine of analytics value. Aptitive can help TPAs and their clients analyze all of their data in a HIPAA-compliant and secure way.

Analytics and Data Science

Aptitive’s healthcare, insurance, and operations analytics consultants create value-focused dashboards and reports for member reporting, benefits usage, finance, risk, and more. We work closely with the business data users, IT, and compliance teams to ensure our dashboards deliver the insight your clients need to drive value, reduce costs, and increase profits.

TPA Data and Analytics Workshops

Aptitive helps TPAs access and analyze financial, operational, and member data to drive better decisions, client success, and member satisfaction. Want to know what this could mean for your organization?

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