Maximize the Full Value of Your Health Data

Aptitive shows healthcare organizations how to use their complete data for the benefit of their patients and members. We help healthcare integrate all of their enterprise data into a single, comprehensive and unified view. Deep analytics and machine learning create new and valuable insight to take healthcare to the next level.

Healthcare Data Strategy

Lay the foundation for a successful data strategy to improve data quality, visibility across systems, and reporting

Healthcare Analytics & Reporting

Analyze organizational data to improve operations by detecting fraud, mitigating risk, and reducing waste

Patient Communications

Automate patient communications to improve acquisition, retention, and reduce missed appointments


Healthcare Data Management

Multiple systems across healthcare organization can make it challenging to find a single source of truth and find meaningful data insights. Aptitive’s data management solutions identify, capture, and integrate data across your enterprise into a single data warehouse enabling health analytics.

Healthcare Data Management
Healthcare Data strategy

Healthcare Analytics Solutions

Transform your data into actionable insights with advanced reporting, advanced visualizations, and analytics dashboards. Aptitive’s consultants are trained and certified to help healthcare organizations select, implement and use best in class analytics solutions such as Tableau, PowerBI, Looker, Qlik, and Sigma.

Advanced Data Science Solutions

Data-driven healthcare organizations can leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to increase revenue, reduce expense, improve patient outcomes, reduce risk, and optimize operations. Aptitive’s consultants and strategic technology partnerships can make artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions a reality for healthcare organizations.

Advanced Data Science Solutions for healthcare

Who We Serve

Healthcare Providers

  • Improve ACO performance through better care coordination
  • Reduce patient care leakage and out-migration
  • Improve external reporting (e.g., CMS, quality, etc.)
  • Drive incremental revenue cycle management
  • Increase cash flow through more efficient supply chain management

Payers and TPAs

  • Improve new member acquisition through deep data analysis
  • Build out population risk scoring and opportunity analysis
  • Reduce fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Refine reserve estimates through richer data analysis

Healthcare Software and Services

  • Enhance product offerings by offering embedded analytics
  • Use predictive modeling to build out forecasting and alerts
  • Leverage data to create new products and services
  • Reduce operational value chain expense

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