Say goodbye to useless reports and dashboards.

Modern BI tools hold the promise of compelling storytelling through visualization and deep insights into your business.

However, any BI tool is only as good as the data you give it and the design of the dashboards. Aptitive’s team of data and analytics experts can help you to get the full value from your BI and reporting tools with our data visualization accelerator.

The Benefits of a Data Visualization Accelerator


Dashboards designed to find hidden insights within your organization’s data.


User friendly dashboards to answer questions and make decisions about your business.


Simplify your life by reducing the number of reports while increasing the quality of insights.


Empower your team to get the data they need when they need it.

The Data Visualization Accelerator will help your organization to:


Aptitive will interview your team and subject matter experts (SMEs) to understand your data analytics needs and current reporting processes.


Identify the desired use case and related business entities.


Wireframe 1-2 dashboards to represent key metrics. Analyze data alongside SME’s to understand all relationships and metrics’ underlying data.


Create one to two dashboards in your chosen business intelligence tool to visualize the identified use cases.


Analyze key findings and path toward a more mature analytics platform & strategy.

Technologies That Work For You

Our tech agnostic approach means that we can build a solution with the leading analytics and dashboarding technologies.

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