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Get Ahead Of The Curve With A Modern Data Strategy

Most law firms have an abundance of data with the power to help them win more cases, reduce operating costs, and generate higher revenues. Access to the data however can be a cumbersome and time consuming process, especially as the firm grows.

Aptitive’s legal data modernization team can help your law firm build a data strategy to improve accuracy, access, and visibility across your organization.

Our legal analytics expertise offers insight into your firm and client base that you can put to good use almost immediately. With our industry-leading law firm data analytics, you can zero in on clients to attract and build content that is tailor-made for them. Our data science for law firms enables you to track marketing and outreach efforts across traditional media as well as social platforms with greater effectiveness. We deliver data analytics for law firms that can have a profound impact on business development, staff productivity, and virtually every other aspect of your operations.

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A modern law firm analytics strategy means that your data is centralized and available on-demand through easy to use business intelligence tools


Understand how your firm is doing as a whole with clear financial data for operational decision making


Quickly run and share accurate client status reports on the metrics they care about


Instantly make predictions based on historical data using predictive data models


Analyze patterns to win new clients, grow accounts, cross-sell, and up-sell


Legal Data Strategies

To get ahead of your competitors, you need to gain control over the data in your firm and figure out how to use it to be more efficient in the marketplace. Let Aptitive build a roadmap to start moving your firm to a modern data strategy that will help you focus on running your firm, rather than gathering and validating data.

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Data Centralization

From time entry to matter management, you are generating new data in systems every minute. This data can quickly become unreliable if you don’t consolidate it to one easy-to-access place, with the right governance wrapped around it.

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Business Intelligence Solutions

Business intelligence tools like Tableau, Looker, PowerBI, Qlik, and Sigma combined with a strong data strategy transform data into meaningful insights.

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