Aptitive Debuts Framework For Machine Learning with Microsoft Data Technologies

Chicago, IL . December 1, 2017 — As a part of their ongoing initiative to remain at the leading edge of data technology in the enterprise space, Aptitive has added capability for in-database machine learning to their proprietary database framework. In addition, the corporation has invested significantly in developing in-house expertise in the academic discipline of data science with particular attention to the machine learning tools available in Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing offering.

The updated framework allows for drastically simplified implementation of predictive and inferential metrics in analytical data stores such as financial forecasts, demographic clustering, and event probability. With respect to cloud services, tools such as Azure Machine Learning Studio and Machine Learning Web Services allow for Aptitive to rapidly develop, test, and deploy cognitive services online.

About Aptitive

Aptitive is a Chicago-based IT consulting firm with solutions focusing on the management, design, and development of data-centric projects. Our name is derived from the words “aptitude” and “innovative;” Our high-aptitude consultants bring innovative technology solutions to your business problems. With over 20 years of experience delivering solutions to both Fortune 500 and mid-size organizations, we have developed a deep understanding of a variety of technology platforms.


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