Achieve Better Results With Your Data

The ability to analyze your customer data is critical for marketing organizations large and small.  For many organizations, however, accessing the right data can be a cumbersome, time-consuming, and error-prone process. Aptitive creates end-to-end marketing analytics solutions that are built around your business goals and incorporate the right technologies to achieve them.

Whether you’re looking to better understand your customers, improve targeting, or automate marketing communications, Aptitive’s experienced marketing analytics consultants can build the solution to help you get there.

With automated customer-centric analytics delivered directly to your team you can…

Increase Marketing ROI
Automate Marketing workflow
Improve customer relationship

Where We Fit

  • Structuring your Data – Combine multiple sources of data into one cohesive system to enable analysis across channels
  • Developing Reports – Aptitive can create reports to visualize the story your data is telling and update that information automatically
  • Automate Customer Touchpoints – Facilitate automated touch points based on insights gained from data analysis


Single Customer View & Omnichannel Solutions

  • Gain a Single View of a Customer & Improve Omnichannel Marketing Efforts
  • Consolidate all sources of data, from your CRM Platform to online interactions, tells you the story of a customer’s relationship with your brand
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Predict Customer Behavior

  • Add Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to the mix to predict what factors will increase your marketing or advertising ROI
  • Respond to customer behavior with analytics that tells you their next move
  • Assess your customers’ past and present shopping behavior to enrich in-store and online shopping experiences
  • Utilize your wealth of data to predict upcoming trends

More Accurate Targeting

  • Respond to customers as they interact with your company in ways that will encourage them to buy
  • Develop customer cohorts by demographics, psychographics, or behavior to better predict what campaigns might be effective for each group
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Automate Marketing Touchpoints

  • Want to send a message to your repeat customers when they haven’t purchased on their regular interval? We can do that, without a single hour from your marketing team.
  • Want to send your customer a coupon for that item they’ve been keeping in their cart all week when they enter one of your stores?

Build a Marketing Attribution Model

  • Learn what methods of reaching your customers are worth the investment by assigning value to each of your advertisements and coupling that with the technology to continuously improve in this area
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Key Benefits

  • Improve customer segmentation and cohort analysis
  • Quickly and easily analyze online interactions
  • Personalize marketing campaigns based on customer activity
  • View the journey of one customer across all company platforms
  • Create spot-on attribution models with accurate and centralized information
  • Understand how all marketing channels work together to inform campaigns
  • Use machine learning to anticipate customer needs/preferences

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