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Access The Data You Need When You Need It

Your customer data contains critical insights that enable you to quickly respond to changing trends and behaviors. Reacting to these opportunities requires eliminating blockers such as time-consuming IT processes.

Aptitive’s experienced consultants can build the marketing analytics solutions to help you remove your reliance on IT and take your marketing data analytics into your own hands.

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Customer Data and Digital Marketing Analytics


Consolidate all sources of data, from your CRM to online interactions, to get a 360 view of your customers


Optimize your cross-channel data to uncover the story of a customer’s relationship with your brand


Assess your customers’ past and present behavior to improve targeting and predict trends


Develop customer cohorts by demographics, behavior, or other data to predict what campaigns will be most effective


Leverage Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning to predict what factors will increase your marketing or advertising ROI


Identify which campaigns, tactics, and other customer touchpoints are driving conversions, value, and ROI

Where We Fit in Marketing
Reliable Access to Your Data

Where We Fit

Modern marketing organizations rely on their data to make informed decisions, create effective campaigns, and measure the effectiveness of their programs. Access to accurate data needs to be fast and reliable.

Aptitive builds solutions that help marketers leverage their data to drive faster results by:

  • Centralizing and structuring cross-channel data to make it more accessible to your marketing team.
  • Developing reports and visualizations to uncover the story your data is telling in real time.
  • Automating processes and touchpoints that your team is currently doing manually.
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Data Science for Marketing

Machine Learning Marketing Attribution

Which of your marketing channels are most effective? Which campaigns deliver the best ROI? Where should you invest more? Our Machine Learning Marketing Attribution Solution enables you to quickly and consistently analyze data across your marketing channels to answer these questions and more.

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Marketing Analytics Quickstart 1
Marketing Analytics Starter Pack

Marketing Analytics Starter Pack

In 3-5 weeks, Aptitive will work alongside your team to create a customized analytics strategy, develop an analytics and marketing dashboard, uncover new insights, and outline a technology architecture to automate and expand your dashboard’s capabilities.

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Improve Results With Your Marketing Data

  • Improve customer segmentation and cohort analysis
  • Create accurate attribution models with centralized information
  • Visualize how all marketing channels work together to inform campaigns
  • Use machine learning to anticipate customer needs/preferences
  • Personalize and automate marketing campaigns
  • View customer journey across all company platforms
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