Snowflake and Tableau make a powerful pair in the analytics world. With a combination of Snowflake’s cloud, multi-cluster shared data architecture and Tableau’s elegant, straightforward interactivity, the duo embodies speed-to-insight. Snowflake was built to handle large data volumes, and Tableau complements it seamlessly by enabling simple and insightful visualizations in real time.

From this engagement, your organization will expect to gain the following:

Manage High User Volume

Manage increased demand by connecting unlimited users to live data concurrently.

Increase Speed-to-Insight

Get answers to your business questions in seconds with a live connection and increased dashboard performance.

Reduce Maintenance Issues

Focus your time and money on finding meaningful insights in your data instead of maintaining an antiquated, inflexible data warehouse.

Add Self-Service

Democratize data through self-service analytics for your employees and external customers.

Represent the Full Story

Visualize a complete representation of your company’s metrics to ensure you are making decisions based on ALL the facts.

What We’ll Do:

Identify and understand the data that will be used for dashboard(s).

Conduct discussions to understand the data and current reporting process.

Identify desired use cases and related entities.

Wireframe dashboards to represent key metrics.

Analyze data alongside SMEs to understand all relationships and metrics of the underlying data.

Determine and implement an initial loading process for identified data.

Load data quickly and simply using Snowflake’s Snowpipe.

Create a virtualized dimensional layer in Snowflake to enable a clean and efficient connection to Tableau.

Create dashboards in Tableau to visualize the identified use cases.

Discuss key findings and the path toward a more mature analytics platform and strategy.

What You’ll Get:


Aptitive will interview your team and SMEs to understand your data analytics needs and current reporting environment.


Working with you, we will identify desired use cases and related business entities.


Dashboards will be wireframed to represent key metrics. Your SMEs will help us understand the underlying data's relationships and metrics.


We will determine and implement an initial data loading process for the identified data into a raw discovery layer. Utilizing Snowflake’s Snowpipe, this process can be quick and efficient.


Tableau dashboards will help you visualize the identified use cases.


Analyze key findings and work with us to identify a path toward a more mature, robust analytics platform and strategy going forward.

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