Manufacturing Data Solutions

Manufacturing Analytics Solutions

Modern data strategies are creating a new industrial revolution for manufacturing companies. Leading manufacturers are using data from systems across the organization to increase efficiency, drive innovation and increase overall performance.

Aptitive’s experience managing and optimizing data means that we understand industry-specific data and systems. Our manufacturing data analytics solutions and consultants can assist you in building and implementing a strategy that will help your organization modernize, innovate, and outperform the competition.

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Operations managers can use visual reporting to sync your shop’s manufacturing with sales.


Categorize your products by required service level and demand to meet customer needs.


Refine your process by identifying the key performance indicators that have the greatest effect on your output.


Create powerful executive dashboards for near-real-time updates on revenue and loss.


Communicate information across multiple facilities, organizations, and even countries.


Manufacturing Data Management

As plants start collecting everything from traditional ERP data to new IoT telemetry, manufacturing firms will need to develop advanced strategies for storing, integrating, and governing their information. Aptitive’s data engineers have deep experience with the technology to build powerful manufacturing data solutions, including platforms for the predictive analytics manufacturing companies need.

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Manufacturing Data Management
Advanced Analytics Solutions

Advanced Manufacturing Data Solutions

Data-driven process management will give your company a competitive edge. Aptitive has a team of data scientists who can mine your data, identify your most influential KPIs, and answer your pressing business questions for effective data science for manufacturing.

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Custom Manufacturing Execution Systems

Out-of-the-box solutions rarely give the advertised ROI because there is a significant cost to customizing the product for your process. Aptitive has extensive experience in application development to effectively develop an MES that tracks, documents, and improves your firm’s operations.

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Develop Custom Manufacturing Execution Systems

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