The Dashboards You Need Now and the Foundation for Your Modern Data Platform.

Now more than ever, your success depends on treating your data as a business asset. Organizations with the right foundation to make data-driven decisions can improve sales performance, increase operational efficiency, and achieve cost savings with greater precision. Current economic conditions, however, have delayed some from transitioning to a full-scale data warehouse.

The good news? Your business can take a step in the right direction and obtain quick business value now with our Modular Data Warehouse solution. Aptitive can create a compact data warehouse with a scalable foundation and strategic reporting tool or dashboard for the business area of your choice – all at a fraction of the time and cost of a full data warehouse.

What should you expect from our Modular Data Warehouse solution? Here are the benefits our client’s experience:


A focus on fundamental functions and targeted dashboards for specific business areas speeds up our delivery process.


A sturdy analytics foundation enables you to implement future dashboards, reporting tools, and analytics with ease.


With a compact pilot phase, our Modular Data Warehouse gives you an immediate ROI and a glimpse of your future data-driven potential.


Achieve results before you make the full investment. Your Modular Data Warehouse data warehouse and dashboards deliver a strategic ROI at a contained price point.

Over the course of a 4-6 week time frame, we’ll establish a practical Modular Data Warehouse solution including:

A Broad Needs Assessment

Interview essential stakeholders and targeted end users to evaluate and understand the current state, transitional data state, and intended future state for your data warehouse and analytics.

A Data Foundation for Future Scalability

Create a data architecture foundation that can be transformed into a more comprehensive enterprise data warehouse at your own pace.

A Strategic Reporting Platform

Design a utilitarian reporting solution or dashboard to deliver an immediate ROI and robust insight for your target business area.

Roadmap for Your Future State

Map out recommendations and lay the groundwork for your future data architecture and data strategy to guide your organization into a data-driven outlook.

A Tech Stack That Works For You

Our tech agnostic approach means that we can build a solution with the leading cloud platforms, data management, and analytics technologies.

Here are some of the technologies our team will use to build the right solution for your organization.

Get Started Today

The world won’t wait for your resources to catch up with the demand for insight. Reach out to Aptitive today and we can help you initiate a Modular Data Warehouse solution that delivers a rapid and robust ROI – right when you need it.