The Challenge

A Chicago property management conglomerate wanted to move data from multiple sources to a centralized cloud-based data warehouse in a tight, 4-week, timeframe. They chose Aptitive because of our data migration experience and certification of the tools needed to effectively do this on time and on budget.

The Solution

The Aptitive team focused on the integration of two main sources: a Database and a non-standard application API. We were able to get data flowing from the SQL Database within one day using the built-in connector in Alooma.

The API integration proved to be a bigger challenge. While Alooma does have a built-in API connector, the complexity of this particular API required a work around. Our team rose to the challenge and created functions in AWS to contact the API, access the necessary data, and pass it to Alooma in batches. Although the process required some technical creativity, it worked perfectly in the end and the data was soon flowing into Snowflake.

The Outcome

Although we had a short period of time for this project, the Aptitive team was able to leverage Alooma, Snowflake, and our own experience to create a cloud-based data warehouse that will enable our client to streamline business processes and provide better business insights.

To learn more about this project, check out our recent post “Alooma + Snowflake: A Dynamic Duo For Building A Cloud-based Data Warehouse


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