The Challenge

Aptitive utilized SharePoint as the bedrock for a robust enterprise intranet, replete with custom applications and a tailored user interface.

The Solution

Our solution was to create a custom user interface for  SharePoint as the foundation for an enterprise-wide intranet. Though SharePoint’s inherent capabilities passably fulfilled the company’s document sharing and communication needs, we supplemented its capacity by creating a custom user interface and custom applications tailored specifically to the company’s unique needs.

In conjunction with the customized features we added, we utilized compatible tools such as Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Flow to create a simple and seamless user experience. Azure AD allowed for users to use their O365 accounts to access SharePoint quickly and easily. Microsoft Flow helped create automatic alerts and communications surrounding the business processes our Intranet helped organize.

The Outcome

People quickly adopted the solution and were excited to find that the hub organized their most important content in a meaningful and elegant way. They were enthused by the homogeneity which the consolidation provided and enthusiastic about the culture which the heightened communication brought to light.



Featured Technologies

Microsoft Flow

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